Lawn Care Business Training


Lawnscience lawn care franchise prospectus

Why we just can’t train you in two weeks

lawn professionals kneeling at a lawn for the a lawn care business training

Starting your business will be a challenge, therefore, it’s essential that we provide thorough, quality training right from the start. We will need to ensure that you not only understand each aspect of your lawn care business but that you are also proficient in delivering a consistently high level of service to your customers.Therefore we take your initial and ongoing training very seriously.Your initial training will take place over a three week period and will include modules on the following topics:

  • Quality lawn care
  • Effective lawn nutrition
  • Recognising problems and resolution
  • Understanding your market
  • Initial marketing of your business
  • Providing lawn care quotes for your prospective customers
  • Ongoing business marketing
  • Promoting to your customers
  • Communicating with your customers
  • Provision of great customer service
  • Treatment scheduling
  • Accounting and general admin
  • Health & Safety
  • Machinery maintenance and handling


Your initial training is focused on helping you fully understand the entire process from the initial establishment of your business to learning the technical know-how you will need to understand how to create great lawns. We will also train you to market and promote your business so you can quickly recruit new customers. At every stage, we ensure that you have fully understood each topic and if in doubt additional training will be scheduled.

When we designed our initial training our aim was to achieve it in two weeks, which is the standard within the UK lawn care industry. But we just could not do it in two weeks, we would have had to scrimp here or there, so we extended our training to three weeks. An extra week is a small price to pay to ensure you really are the leader in your local lawn care market, we think you’ll agree.


Dean Southall - Lawnscience Franchise

I'd run my own business for 8 years before starting my Lawnscience business, so it was no great change for me. I find running my own business tremendously rewarding, I am building something for myself that has long term earnings potential, I don't mind working hard to achieve this. I particularly like the fact that I am in control and whilst I'm busy all the time doing things like business development I really enjoy it. I don't think there are any 9 to 5 jobs out there nowadays and I'd rather be working the hours developing my own business rather than somebody else's. I have a medium term plan for this business which will give me more control over my future. In the short run I'm working very hard to get it established but even now can decide 'how much work' I take on at certain times of the year. I plan to go multi-van next year and continue growing my business. A full- time employee will no doubt present some challenges but also tremendous opportunities. I always enjoyed management so hopefully it's another area of the job that I'll adapt to. If you've never run your own business before then think carefully about whether it's for you. Self-employment makes the good days so much better, but there will be challenging days. You need self-motivation but the training here is excellent so how busy you are will be down to you.

Dean Goodall