Franchise Resales

Occasionally Lawnscience franchise territories are available as territory resales. Purchasing a resale provides you with all the benefits of purchasing a new territory, with the added advantage of the business already running profitably.

Lawnscience Bury St. Edmunds for Sale £45,000

Are you fed up in your current job? Are you looking for a career change? Would you like the opportunity to work for yourself? This is a business that anyone could do, no previous experience is required as full training and ongoing support are provided. In a business, you can control all aspects and be your own boss. Be your own boss, manage your own workload, control your earnings, and buy your stock from who you like.

Due to health reasons, the Lawnscience lawn care business operating in the Bury St. Edmunds area is available for immediate purchase.
A unique opportunity to acquire an established lawn care business covering Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket, and the surrounding villages with huge potential to scale up to a multi-van operation, or to continue as a sole operator.

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Lawnscience Bristol for Sale £80,000

With an extensive profitable trading record, demonstrating growth with further potential for growth, this well-established business is available for purchase as the current owner is due to retire.

Lawnscience Bristol was started in Autumn 2008 and has been operated by the current franchisee since then. It has the benefit of an established, loyal, customer base of 700 customers that provides profitable income throughout the year. As well as Lawn care, there are the complimentary customer services of GutterCleaning and Jet washing.

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Lawnscience Oxford for Sale £80,000

This is a business that anybody can do, it requires no previous experience as there is full training & ongoing support provided by the franchisor.

The Next steps to owning a lawn care business

Owning your own lawn business might be an option for you, here are the next steps

If you think that owning your own lawn business might be a good opportunity for you, we’d recommend that you take your time and learn as much as you can about the business before making any commitment, it’s a big commitment and one not to be rushed into.

We’d the following steps.

Arrange a no-obligation chat on the phone or via zoom

On this website, we’ve tried to provide you with an overview of the opportunity and the business. But a website can never cover off all the points for each person. Everyone will have different issues and concerns. We suggest the first stage of really understanding the business is to arrange a short no-obligation telephone call so that we can answer any questions you may have at this initial stage. We can also help you decide if this type of business might be a good choice for you. It isn’t for everyone.

It’s simple to arrange just send Terry an email at and he will arrange to have an informal telephone call with you.

next steps to owning a lawn business, talk to the team

Attend one of our Zoom presentations

Starting your own business is a big step, not to be taken lightly. You should learn as much about the business and how Lawnscience operates as possible. Armed with this information you will be far more likely to make the right decision for yourself, whether that is to proceed further or not.

Our Zoom presentation will give you a clear understanding of what running a lawn business means. We’ll show you what you will be doing daily, the challenges you will face, and how you can grow your own business to the size that suits your financial goals and lifestyle choices. The presentation will also raise some areas of the business that you might not have previously thought of, if so we can discuss these in detail and answer any questions that might occur.

Check out the competition

If a business is a good opportunity it will have competition. That is certainly true of lawn care franchising. We’d encourage you to talk with our competition, understand what you get when you join Lawnscience, and compare it to our competition. It’s also very important to understand the range of treatments you will be able to provide as a member of the team

It’s also important to understand the cost of establishing your new business. Different franchisors will charge different initial investment costs, some as high as £29,000! Some will make a profit on you just joining them, others will not. Therefore you need to know what you are getting for your investment. We can send you a business establishment cost report which shows you the true costs of starting your business with Lawnscience. This is a really useful document to have when talking with the industry, you will be armed with the true setup costs and can explore with each franchisor their cost structure and, if appropriate, why their cost structure is higher, none will be lower, that’s a promise.

To obtain a copy just email

Next steps to owning a lawn business, talk to other business owners
Phil Harrison business owner: Solihull

Talk to our current business owners

A key part of your due diligence will be to talk with the current members of the Lawnscience team. These are people just like you, who have been where you are in your career and have considered the same questions as you will be considering at present. They decided to start their own lawn business with Lawnscience as a partner and they will be happy to discuss their experience of the process.

If you want to talk with our colleagues just email Terry at and he will email you a full list of our current colleagues, you can then decide who you talk to.

Compare what you get for your investment

The Lawnscience lawn care franchise provides our partners with a unique opportunity with several advantages over competitor franchises. Our key advantages are:

  • The lowest investment cost in the Industry. We’ll beat any like-for-like deal.
  • License to operate your lawn care business within your protected territory
  • Personalised, protected postcode territory containing over 100,000 households, with a large percentage of affluent homeowners. This territory is not ‘off the shelf’ but created around your location, with your involvement to give you the perfect territory for your local business
  • Fully funded marketing launch for your new business, consisting of 80,000 leaflet distribution plus 10,000 leaflets for local distribution
  • Multiple personalised local websites for local towns and villages within your territory, generating free website traffic for your business
  • Fully integrated operation and accounting package (no need for separate cumbersome accounting packages)
  • Extensive range of garden and lawn treatments allowing you to provide unparalleled lawn care service to your customers whilst maximising your potential revenue
  • Extensive equipment package enabling you to start your lawn care business from day one
  • Comprehensive training, including NPTC qualification
  • Uniform and personal protective equipment
  • Consumables to service your first 50 customers
  • Ongoing technical and business growth support
  • Low and reducing royalty payments allow you to make more profit as your lawn care business expands
  • Low start option from only £21,454 + VAT, fully recoverable. The lowest costs in the UK.

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The RHS is the world's leading gardening charity.

Lawnscience supports the RHS by annual charitable donations

I'd run my own business for 8 years before starting my Lawnscience business, so it was no great change for me. I find running my own business tremendously rewarding, I am building something for myself that has long term earnings potential, I don't mind working hard to achieve this. I particularly like the fact that I am in control and whilst I'm busy all the time doing things like business development I really enjoy it. I don't think there are any 9 to 5 jobs out there nowadays and I'd rather be working the hours developing my own business rather than somebody else's. I have a medium term plan for this business which will give me more control over my future. In the short run I'm working very hard to get it established but even now can decide 'how much work' I take on at certain times of the year. I plan to go multi-van next year and continue growing my business. A full- time employee will no doubt present some challenges but also tremendous opportunities. I always enjoyed management so hopefully it's another area of the job that I'll adapt to. If you've never run your own business before then think carefully about whether it's for you. Self-employment makes the good days so much better, but there will be challenging days. You need self-motivation but the training here is excellent so how busy you are will be down to you.
Dean Goodall See more reviews
Dean Goodall See more reviews

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    Nigel Bishop See more reviews
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    Nigel Bishop See more reviews
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