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Owning a Business is Not For Everyone 

Johnjo Business owner: Bury St. Edmunds

We are all different. We have different needs and wants and we are all willing to expend differing amounts of effort to get what we want, so it’s important to discover is it for you?

Yes, most of us would like to have a business where we don’t have to work very hard, whilst others do the work and we take the majority of the money. However, those businesses don’t just grow on trees. Someone has to start and grow them to the size where there is sufficient revenue coming into the business, that the owner can take it a bit easy. 

Some of us will invest that effort, knowing we will get the payback later on, and some of us won’t. 

The Big Lie

Quite a few franchisors give a false impression that starting a new business is a breeze. All you have to do is pay your franchise purchase fee and customers will come running to your new business flinging their money into your bank account. It’s this type of misleading talk that gives franchising a bad name and it simply is not true. 

Starting a new business requires many things, the majority of which will be provided by a good franchisor, but the one thing the franchisee needs to bring to the party is DRIVE. I like to think of starting a new business is like starting a big heavy wheel rolling. When you start to roll the wheel it has no momentum, it’s stationary. Initially, the wheel requires lots of energy, or drive, to start it rolling as the wheel picks up speed it gains momentum and now it requires less energy to keep it rolling. 

The Truth

That’s how you should think about your new lawn care business. Yes, Lawnscience will provide all the technical know-how and the equipment and we’ll provide you with industry-leading training to make sure you can and are ready to perform well. But it will be you that actually has to perform. Yes, we’ll be there to provide support in the tough times, but you have to bring something to the party and that is drive. 

A Little Soul Searching is Essential Before Starting Your Own Business

A bit of soul searching is useful before you start your own business, any business. If you don’t want to put in some effort, trust me it’s not for you. Instead of owning your own business, it might be better for you, if you work for someone else who owns their own business. It won’t be as much fun

If you’ve done the soul searching and still want to find out more just get in touch to receive a copy of the Lawnscience Prospectus.

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I'd run my own business for 8 years before starting my Lawnscience business, so it was no great change for me. I find running my own business tremendously rewarding, I am building something for myself that has long term earnings potential, I don't mind working hard to achieve this. I particularly like the fact that I am in control and whilst I'm busy all the time doing things like business development I really enjoy it. I don't think there are any 9 to 5 jobs out there nowadays and I'd rather be working the hours developing my own business rather than somebody else's. I have a medium term plan for this business which will give me more control over my future. In the short run I'm working very hard to get it established but even now can decide 'how much work' I take on at certain times of the year. I plan to go multi-van next year and continue growing my business. A full- time employee will no doubt present some challenges but also tremendous opportunities. I always enjoyed management so hopefully it's another area of the job that I'll adapt to. If you've never run your own business before then think carefully about whether it's for you. Self-employment makes the good days so much better, but there will be challenging days. You need self-motivation but the training here is excellent so how busy you are will be down to you.
Dean Goodall See more reviews
Dean Goodall See more reviews

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