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Your support is critical. Starting your new lawn care business can be challenging and a little frightening at times, that’s why we provide our full support throughout the entire process.

Deciding whether it is the right opportunity for you

Starting a new business is a life-changing decision, but it’s not right for everyone. At Lawnscience our aim is to find individuals that are ready for the challenge and those that will go on to grow a successful lawn care business. The worst thing we can do is to attract individuals who are not capable of running their own business or who would not enjoy the challenge that a new business start-up presents. Therefore before we accept anyone into the network we take time to ensure that it’s the right decision for each applicant. this process includes a frank discussion regarding the challenges of the business and also the opportunity to discuss the Lawnscience business with current franchisees.

Help with financing your business startup

If help is needed with financing the initial investment Lawnscience can introduce potential franchisees to a selection of major high-street banks who are normally willing to lend up to 70% of the initial franchise investment. We can assist with the production of business plans.

Choosing the right structure for your business

Before you start your business our accountants have a discussion to ensure you establish your new business in the appropriate format, i.e. sole trader or limited company. Our aim is to ensure you establish your business in the most tax-efficient way to suit your personal circumstances.

Creating the optimal territory for your business

When we create your franchise territory we want to ensure that you have the best territory in which to grow your new lawn care business. The process of territory selection begins with an analysis of the postcodes that surround your home or business base. The aim is to create a tight local territory that contains sufficient households to ensure the success of your business. Having prepared the initial territory map you are then free to amend the proposal as you will have local knowledge of your area. Normally this process goes through 3-5 iterations before we can both be happy with your new territory.

Monthly newsletters

Our monthly newsletters alerts you to issues that will be occurring with lawns in the coming season and also highlights marketing initiatives that you can use to grow your revenue and better service your customers.

Annual conference

Our annual conference is a great time to meet up with your colleagues and learn from their success. We focus the conference on subjects that will enable you to grow your business and get you quickly to the position where you are benefiting from not only the freedom of running your own business but also the financial rewards and security that business ownership brings.

24/7 telephone support

An important part of our support package is 24/7 telephone support. In your early days, you might need support whilst treating a lawn. You might have come across an issue that we will have covered during training, but you just can’t recall what was covered in your training. this is when you need to be able to make a quick phone call to get help. At other times you might come up against an issue scheduling treatment for the next day. It might be six thirty in the evening, but you need an answer quickly. No problem a simple phone call and we will be able to guide you through the issue. You have unlimited 24/7 support throughout the lifetime of your Lawnscience business.

Lawn Care your support
Andrew business owner: Workington

When your business format has been decided we help to establish your business and make sure that you have the correct banking arrangements and insurances. After your training is when our support really kicks in and that’s when we spend the first day with you in your new business.

We will cover in detail all aspects of running your lawn care business, but it’s impossible to remember everything, therefore, we speak on the phone at least once a week and visit with you in your territory.

We are also always available 24/7 on the telephone to discuss any issues that might arise between visits.

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For the first five years of my business, I worked as a single van operation, gaining considerable experience in running the business and getting the best out of my customers’ lawns. I took the decision to upgrade my business to a "multi-van" operation a year ago, recruiting my first employee. Now my main area of focus is marketing and growing the business. I can see me recruiting another employee within the next twelve months. I now own a business where I earn more than I did when employed, but with the advantage that I now have a work life balance and more time to spend with my growing family. I've never looked back.
Scott Harrison See more reviews
Scott Harrison See more reviews

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