The lawn care business

Fertilising a lawn

Lawnscience provides a lawn care service to domestic and commercial customers throughout the UK. Our regular treatments ensure that customers’ lawns are kept in excellent condition throughout the year. To learn more about the specifics of our service take a look at what do we do? 

When did lawn care start

The idea of providing regular professional lawn care treatments to domestic lawns has its roots way back in 1915 when the efforts of the true pioneers of the industry in the USA have been documented. During the thirties, The Davey Company began to spray lawns to prevent white grub infestations. When Daniel Dorfman invented and franchised the Lawn-A-Mat, a machine capable of rolling, fertilising, applying pesticides, aerating, and seeding a lawn in one pass the industry was born. Many of those early Lawn-A-Mat franchisees went on the start and grow their own chemical lawn care businesses. A new industry was born.  

Lawn care in the USA

The main engine for growth in the USA was the franchise model, where the service would be provided by a knowledgeable, well-trained, and motivated local expert. Today throughout the USA we now see the result of the explosion of the lawn care business, varying in size from the small “mom and pop” small businesses to substantial franchised operations, covering multiple states across the USA and Canada. 

The lawn care concept crossed the pond in the seventies and now the small but rapidly growing UK market has a number of mainly franchised operations, of which Lawnscience is a medium-sized player. Our aim is not to be the biggest, but the best and we are looking for motivated individuals to join us to continue to grow our business throughout the UK. 

How can you learn more?

If you are looking for an opportunity to start and grow your own profitable business with the support of our team, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. This website has been written to give you an initial view of the opportunity, it will teach you: 

  • What do we do at Lawnscience
  • The Lawnscience difference
  • About the UK market 
  • The two Business Formats that we operate
  • Could the business be for you?
  • Do you the drive to be successful?
  • Have the skills to be successful?
  • Have the experience to be successful?
  • Level of Investment
  • How we Train you 
  • How we start your Business
  • Our world-leading Business systems
  • How we lead the industry in customer service 
  • How we support you in your business growth 
  • And finally, the next steps if it sounds like a good opportunity. 

But nothing beats a conversation, so when you are ready, please call Terry on 01908 504664 and we can spend a little time discussing the business and how it might be the perfect opportunity for your future career. 

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The RHS is the world's leading gardening charity.

Lawnscience supports the RHS by annual charitable donations

I knew that I wanted a total change in my career – I didn’t want to be sitting in an office every day, I wanted to be outside, meeting people and making a difference I could see. Having researched lawn care companies, Lawnscience were the most transparent and appealing franchise, Terry was more than happy to provide information and share his experiences to help me determine whether this was for me. I am not a natural ‘salesman’ but the results sell it for me! I have had so much positive feedback from my customers, and a lot of new customers have come from word of mouth, which is such a confidence boost. I can be flexible, determining my own working hours to suit me and my family and I get to travel around to so many different places, meeting loads of people while delivering a service where you can actually see the transformation. Owning and running my Lawnscience Franchise is the best career move that I have ever made, and I wish I had done it 10 years ago!
Nigel Bishop See more reviews
Nigel Bishop See more reviews

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    I knew that I wanted a total change in my career – I didn’t want to be sitting in an office every day, I wanted...
    Nigel Bishop See more reviews
    Nigel Bishop See more reviews
    I knew that in order to take control of my income and working life, I would have to work for myself, rather than working for...
    David Stewart See more reviews
    David Stewart See more reviews
    I started the franchise six months ago and the business is continually expanding. I have a solid customer base with which I have great relationships....
    Gary Pearce See more reviews
    Gary Pearce See more reviews
    After much research, various exhibitions, and open days, Lawnscience was the obvious choice for me and has proven to be everything I hoped for. Through...
    Nigel Bishop See more reviews
    Nigel Bishop See more reviews
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