What We Do


What does a lawn care business do?


Your Lawnscience lawn care business is built on service and flexibility. This is one of the key reasons why you will be successful at both recruiting new customers and also regularly winning and retaining customers from your competitors.

Utilising our sophisticated marketing system your lawn service will be marketed within your protected territory, this will result in hundreds of interested customers making contact with you to arrange a lawn survey and quotation.

The first stage of your service will be to undertake a professional appraisal of their lawn. This is a critical stage and one where many of our competitors fail. At Lawnscience we take more time to really understand a new client’s lawn and what applications need to be applied to the lawn in order to bring it up to its full potential. Don’t worry we’ll make sure that you are capable of providing the most professional survey in your market.

Having fully understood the condition of the lawn you will advise your client as to what treatments are required to improve it and also to look after it in the future. Having gained the go-ahead, which is normally given at your first meeting, you will commence your treatment programme consisting of a series of regular fertilisation and weed control treatments along with seasonal scarification, seeding and aeration were appropriate.

As your customers start to experience the quality lawn care treatments and service you provide you will start to recruit new customers from their referrals.

Throughout the year our industry leading marketing programmes will help you to maintain contact with your customers, supplying quality advice and guidance throughout the year.

Scott Harrison - Lawnscience Franchise

I love the freedom to decide how to plan my day and to know that I am directly rewarded for my efforts. That’s one of the big advantages of working for yourself, you can manage your time as you see fit and you don’t have to justify your time to anyone except yourself. I became quite cynical about the corporate environment in the build up to leaving my old role and starting my business. I felt that many people were starting to ‘get it’ that working for yourself in a small business strips away the layers of bureaucracy and puts you directly in front of the customer. My business has grown into a multi van operation and I expect it to grow further into one where I will have financial freedom to decide how I live my life and with a eye to the future I’ll be able to offer financial support to my children

Scott Harrison