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Tortington lawn careHello, I am Jon Cornall, owner of your premier lawn care company – providing Lawnscience Tortington Lawn Care Services.

Our lawn care professionals serve the area of Tortington and the neighbouring towns and villages, including Ford, Walberton, Barnham and Bilsham. We provide a specialist lawn care service to lawn owners who have either become very frustrated with the expensive, ineffective products they buy in the shops or they want more time for their hobbies and pastimes.

All our professionals are fully trained in lawn care and are certified to safely apply herbicides to your lawn. Therefore, we can use more effective products on your lawn with better, longer lasting results.  Your lawn will be transformed with our services and treatments.

We provide treatments for Moss and Weeds, diseases such as Red Thread and Fusarium and lawn pests including Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs.  We can also address issues such as Poor soil condition, Fertilisation and Thatch.

You can have complete confidence in all our services as Tortington Lawn Care Offer A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


We will re treat your lawn completely free if you aren’t totally happy with the service you have received.

When you phone Tortington Lawn Care one of our specialists will visit at a time to suit you and after carrying out a thorough survey of your lawn, provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your lawn’s condition along with a programme of treatments aimed at restoring your lawn to its lush, green, weed and pest free self. We will work with you and your budget.

If you would like a lawn that is the envy of all your neighbours phone Tortington Lawn Care today on 01243 858 244 or 07795236174 and claim your FREE, NO OBLIGATION, ON-SITE SURVEY of your lawn.

Alternatively, insert your postcode in our ‘Easy Way To A Great Lawn’ box. And you can commence your lawn’s journey to becoming a green, weed free heaven.


The RHS has lots of great gardening information and advice for you at this time of the year.  Just click here to find out some great advice and information.